Friday, March 24, 2006

Shipping Bliss

I love shipping packages! It's a very ritualistic experience for me...beginning with wrapping up the goodies in brightly colored tissue paper, topped with an artistic business card which is all bundled together by raffia. I can only hope that the recipient is as thrilled to open the little treasure as much as I enjoyed wrapping it up!Here are a few ebay sales from this past week that are going out today....

When I have a little extra time I like to turn Priority Mail shipping boxes into mail art.

Prisma colors + shipping box = mail love

I imagine my mail carrier probably thinks I'm crazy! That's ok, he's not all there himself! I once tried to say hi to our mailman, shortly after we moved into our new house nearly two years ago....I KNOW he saw me walking towards his truck as he stuffed mail into the box. He looked directly at me and punched the gas, spitting gravel into the air.I just stood there, in the driveway, very confused as to what had just happened. Why had he sped off like a mad man....Was my hair too messy? Did I look like a crazy cat lady or something?

It took a while but I finally figured out it's not me, it's him. I've lost count how many times he has knocked our (and the neighbors) mailbox off the pole...leaving the door hanging wide open with mail laying in there. I've often pictured him driving by at break neck speeds just tossing the mail out as he goes...hasn't happened yet but he could snap at any moment!