Wednesday, April 19, 2006

After Easter update....

Hi All....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! My birthday just happened to fall on Easter this year so instead of birthday cake and ice cream I indulged in chocolate bunnies.....and let me tell you, chocolate bunnies and deviled eggs don't really go together very well! And my kids will tell you that deviled eggs don't go with anything.

I'm still working on lesson plans for my upcoming online class. It's just taking a little longer than I had anticipated. I hope to at least have the sample piece done soon and will share when it's ready.


I've updated my website  with new kits, new doll forms and new polymer clay face cabs. New kits include a Celestial Goddess kit with a Sleeping Beauty face attached.  Some of the face additions include the ever so popular Sleeping Beauty and some newcomers like the whimsical Bunny face and all new Bird face. If you're looking for doll faces please stop by and take a look!


My doll kits are also available on ebay  at the low starting bid price of just $9.99 each. I plan to keep listing new kits on ebay for the rest of April..or until I run out of stock and have to make more. Yesterday evening two tiny goddess kits were listed and today a Purple Serenity Goddess and a Bird Goddess.....Happy Beading! ~Ronda