Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Graceful Girl - Mermaid

I've been so incredibly busy lately with Bead Society stuff that i haven't had a chance to work on much of anything else these days or post any new blog entries. Today i did manage to finish another doll in my Graceful Girl series though.....she's roughly 8 inches tall, made of fabric, polymer clay, collaged paper and paint.

We'll be heading to San Diego soon for a well deserved vacation. I'm looking forward to lounging on the beach and I think this doll reflects that.... she's been listed on ebay if you would like to add her to your collection! click the image to the right to take a peek at the listing...;-)


katie said...

yes, this doll looks restful and in lounge mood, lovely! have a wonderful vacation on the beach of San Diego!!

Frivolitea said...

I love this doll. Can't wait to see more.