Sunday, July 02, 2006

Post it Notes

If you've kept up with my Flickr account...i like to refer to it as my visual blog...then you may recognize this photo from a couple months ago.for those of you that have no idea what that is...well Waverly, my daughter, couldn't manage to eat her entire breakfast that morning in one sitting.... so she left a post it note on the waffle so I wouldn't throw it out! i'm sure she gets it from me. my life revolves around little messages scribbled on post it notes. without them my life would be complete chaos and nothing would get done.

once again waverly is sticking post it notes on things she leaves on the dining room table....well at least we know who this open can of Dr pepper belongs too!

And speaking of soda...i don't know if this is new or if i just never noticed it before but i tried it and i love it....Manzanita Sol yummmmmmm ... apple flavored,it's a pepsi product.