Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mixed Media Beadwork - Peyote Stitched Letter Tiles Project

For those of you interested, I've added the instructions from my Peyote Stitched Letter Tiles Project to the Guides section of Ebay. The article originally appeared in the Bead E Art Zine #2 in 2003 ..... the Ebay Guide version has been updated. You can find the guide HERE . If you enjoy the guide and find it useful please be sure to click the yes button at the bottom of the page.


Frivolitea said...

Those are lovely. I have never worked with tiny beads so I am not sure that I will try to do the project, but I certainly admire it.

Robin said...

Glad you're back... I've missed your posts. These beaded scrabble tiles are fab! Thanks for giving instructions for making them. You are as generous as you are talented.