Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Beaded Face Cabs

Yes it's been another long while since I've posted in my blog. Sometimes i need to step back and examine where i am and where i'm going. Then redirect my energy accordingly.....i'm still working on redirecting my energy and trying to decide which path to take. Sometimes the answer isn't so clear. Or maybe it is clear and i'm procrastinating.

So here's a little glimpse of one of the things i've been working on these days.... other than that, nothing new or exciting going on here ...just me and the beads...and the fabric... and the hum of the sewing machine... and me trying to avoid myself and everyone else.


Mamarox said...

Fabulous! Are you thinking of sending one in for the swap? I love the wire work, yummy.

FreckleSandwich said...

i know that kind of avoidance!! i love seeing the things you do!!