Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This is what happens when i am bored. This sharpie drawing was done on the back of a priority mail shipping box, that was mailed today...i just kept adding more and more until waverly took the box away from me and told me i was done. although the image you see here has been mirrored and the "happy halloween" added, so it looks twice the size it was on the box.

my sewing machine has started dropping stitches. i took it apart 5 times last night to try to fix it and am so disgusted that i haven't even messed with it yet today. hopefully it's fixed because i still need to finish making halloween costumes and can't really afford to run out and buy a new machine right now.


iHanna said...

I really like the skull bats, you should be bored more and doodle on!

Anonymous said...

I like your skull bats, too. Cute!! :)