Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I can feel changes coming

I've decided that 2007 is going to be the year that i "accomplish wonderful things" for myself and will put in a great deal of effort to reach some of my personal goals as an artist.

my studio is clean....well, somewhat clean.... and i finally have some heat in here (the gas stove needed repair). now, when i first moved to AZ i was under the impression it would be warm and sunny all year round, but this was not the case.....occasionally it gets cold, especially in an unheated sunroom. working in the freezing cold was just too unbearable and was slowing me down in my quest to "accomplish wonderful things"....

i've been super busy lately trying to finish projects with upcoming deadlines. things i really want to get out of the way so i can get started on much bigger personal projects. and as usual, i'm in over my head and running out of time to get things i've been avoiding the internet which always sucks up way too much of my time. and no i'm not avoiding you, i'm just weeks behind on reading and answering emails.