Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring Cleaning / Organizing

I'll be listing items on Ebay all this week! It's time to clear out some kits, doll forms and artwork to make way for the new. Not just for the new forms and artwork i've been creating but the new ideas that have been swirling around inside my head. The only way i can get them out is if my studio is clean and i have room to work. And the only way this studio is ever going to get clean is if i just let go of my need to be a packrat, remove items that i no longer use and try to get organized! Sounds easy enough...until you stand there, looking at all the clutter, and ask yourself Where do i begin. It feels like an overwhelming never-ending task, getting and keeping the studio clean, but it must be done every now and then to keep my mind clear and focused on my own self expression....instead of worrying about the mess.

To get organized I've been adding extra shelves to the bookcases and have bought a boat load of baskets. I also have boxes that can be used for storage...not just any old boxes, they must look good too, so i've covered the boring old boxes with black and white toile contact paper to match my decor. Each one labeled to make finding what i need a snap. It's a slow process but will be well worth the effort once it's done.

EDIT: For those of you that may be interested, I found my black and white toile contact paper on ebay :-)


Mamarox said...

I am in the same state of mind, at the moment I feel like I am just treading water in all the clutter and STUFF.
Love the contact paper, where does one find toile contact paper?