Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It was a super busy weekend here. We had a house FULL of people and mountains of food for Courtney's graduation party. My little girl is all grown up! I didn't get any good pictures of all the goodies we made for the feast but did discover that there was one lonely cupcake pop i ate it for breakfast this morning! Yummmmmmmm..... You can find the recipe for cupcake pops on Bakerella's blog.

Now I'm off to get ready for our trip to the CA coast. Since we'll be camping out, internet access may be few and far between. But I'll still be able to add Twitter updates and Twitpics with my phone. If you want to keep tabs on me, my Twitters are located in the right column in my blog. ------->
PS. any purchases made from my Etsy shops or website after May 29th will not be shipped until the second week of June.


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Happy campers going camping! Have fun!

first have to say, you don't LOOK at all like you would be mom of a graduate... at first glance I thought maybe this is Ronda? Did she go back to school or what? lol

Second, HAVE a great trip!

Stop in when you get back. The official post is up about The Pink Artist drawing and we have a new button. :)

Happy Summer, Monica

p.s. box arrived safely.

p.s.s. beautiful graduate! You should be so proud!

Kivett Studio said...

Thanks Monica! lol...Everyone says she looks just like me(i think she looks like her father *shrugs*). even when i send pics home to family they mistake her for me. Pffft, wish i was that age again...or at least looked like it!

I'll definitely stop by when we get back to pick up my new button and spread the word ;-)