Saturday, May 10, 2008

The patio

And yet another project i've been working on for the past few weeks. After 138 retaining wall blocks, 13 tons of gravel (mainly for xeriscaping the entire back yard), and over 2 tons of sand(we may need more), we're finally ready to lay the flagstone.

We had just over 4100 pounds of flagstone delivered....that's a lot of heavy lifting! We started with leveling stone along the edge and working inward. After way too many hours of this I got bored and decided to start tossing stones into the center to see if i could come up with a more interesting design. Hubby (that's him in the photo checking to see if the sand is's not) and I both started sorting through the pallet of stones and came up with a sunburst pattern.

We hope to be completely finished with the patio within the next 10 days....and after that, well, i'm currently researching how to build a stone water fountain. We should have plenty of stone leftover for the project.


pp said...

We used the same retaining blocks only they were a red finish and we used them for our garden. Looks great so far. Good luck!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Gawd, you make me look LAZY! lol

Hey, stop by soon... the button for our pink artist drawing is almost ready. Shortly I'll make a post showcasing the runner up prizes, too fun!

Now I'll let you get back to work... I'm taking the day OFF. ;)

xo, Monica