Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Collage Machine

I just made this cool little collage using the Collage Machine. Not that i was bored or didn't have something else that i SHOULD be just looked FUN and took my mind off how loud the neighbors are being this week! I'm pretty sure that there is something i'm supposed to be doing right now but I haven't been able to concentrate since the neighbors are running some sort of loud buzzing power tool and have their stereo cranked up while listening to what sounds like talk radio. I can't think with all this distraction let alone work in the studio.

Last week was different. i felt inspired! With as peaceful and serene as these new doll forms look, you can tell they weren't made while my neighbors were being noisy.... The purple one has been shipped off for the Arizona Doll Artists round robin. The green one I saved for another project i've been working on. And the other three are already with new owners.


Pat Winter said...

These are beautiful, peaceful doll forms. Very nice.

Pat Winter said...

Rhonda, your sweet and generous offer is heart warming. I posted it on the Comfort Doll blog. Thank you for all you do for this project and so many others.