Saturday, July 12, 2008

More new doll forms

I just finished putting these new forms in my shop. The Tree Spirit is 12 inches tall with 10 inch wide roots. Anyone that decided to take on the monumental task of beading her will really have their work cut out for them! She's probably one of the largest doll forms (for beading) that I've ever made.

The smaller doll form is a little over 6 inches tall. I'm currently beading one this's been a slow process though. Mainly because I'm always juggling several different things all at once and rarely devote all my time to doing one single project. I'll share pics of her once I get a little further along in the process.


The Lone Beader said...

Tree spirit is beautiful!

iHanna said...

How cool to make such beautiful dolls and still invite others to keep addign to them! I think your dolls are beautiful!

Laulo said...

very beautiful, I love the tree doll form !