Friday, September 05, 2008


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1. I absolutely cannot stand the sound of flies(or any kind of bug) buzzing drives me crazy!

2. My family thinks I have some sort of cleaning OCD. Every so often I go on manic cleaning rampages and target specific items. The last two weeks my defined targets have been light fixtures, lamps, and the TV. All of which seem to be releasing a mysterious dusty scent when turned on that only I can smell.....despite that fact that they have been cleaned thoroughly every single day since i started smelling the dust potpourri.

3. I'm extremely forgetful and must leave little post it notes with messages to myself all over the house. I've not been using post it notes as much since I discovered that i can take notes with my cell phone and set my alarm to remind me of things i may have forgotten.

4. I can't seem to sit in one spot for too long, which may be why i don't watch a huge amount of TV. If i am sitting there i feel the need to be working on something at the same handstitching or stuffing dolls.

5. I can't think of anything else at this moment. Maybe i'll come back to this later...but probably not because one of my other quirks is that i'm a procrastinator. If i can't get a task done quickly, at that precise moment that I want to get it done, then i'll drag it out for days/weeks/months!

6. See number 5. LOL!

I tag anyone that wants to play ;-)